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Our Duct Balloon have been used in many different applications since their original concept in the late 1990’s. Below are some of the known applications with a brief explanation that our customers have shared with us. Duct balloons used in these applications have proven to be very effective compared to other types of home made temporary barriers. Some of these applications are explained in greater detail by clicking on the expanded web link in the Applications tab above. If you would like more information regarding a specific application, please contact us by phone or email.

•  Isolating duct work during maintenance of ID fans

Installed on the “safe side” of existing ID fan dampers to allow maintenance on out of service fans

•  Isolating duct  work during the installation of  bag houses

Installed on the “safe side” of existing isolation dampers and ID fan outlet dampers during bag house maintenance

•  Controlling fugitive dust during precipitator or ID fan grit blasting

Installed between the precipitator inlet and outlet ducts by the plant or specialty contractor

•  Auxiliary sealing of isolation dampers in SCR systems
Installed on the “safe side” of inlet and outlet dampers on a SCR Reactor during catalyst maintenance or change outs

•  Auxiliary sealing of isolation dampers in FGD systems

Installed on the “safe side” of inlet and outlet dampers during inspection and maintenance of the FGD absorber or FGD duct work

•  Isolate inlet duct work on Gas Turbines and HRSG exhaust stacks

In front of the Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV’s) on Frame 6 and Frame 7 gas turbines, at the HRSG outlet duct, and inside the HRSG exhaust stack

•  Isolate equipment from over spray during high pressure water washing

In the inlet and outlet ducts of regenerative style air preheater's to prevent mist from migrating to the precipitator

•  Temporarily sealing of cyclone bottoms and hoppers during outages

At the inlet to the CFB, and at the bottom of a circulating fluidized bed boiler (CFB) cyclone during maintenance of an expansion joint. Used to prevent  lightweight debris from falling above down into work area

•  Isolating duct work during water washing at a food plant

Between the outlet duct of a shell and tube heat exchanger and the inlet duct to a spray dryer to keep the plants product from being contaminated

•  Auxiliary sealing of primary air duct dampers during pulveriser maintenance

On coal mills to keep hot air from migrating from the boiler to the work area when taking a mill out of service for maintenance

•  Inflatable bulkheads during fiberglass relining of large service water lines

Used at a nuclear power plant by a specialty contractor versus homemade barriers made from wood and plastic sheeting. Used to prevent styrene fumes escaping from the work area and migrating back into the plants HVAC system

•  Used during a smoke test to detect leaks during the final construction stages

We have been asked about this one but do not have any history yet!

•  As a FME device in duct work in nuclear plants

FME (Foreign Matter Exclusion) during maintenance activities in duct work to prevent items like tools, repair parts, etc. from leaving the work area

•  In the fan discharge duct work of an axial flow fan

Most axial flow fans do not have discharge dampers. A special split design Duct Balloon is used to prevent back flow from occurring when the adjacent fans are still operating during maintenance on the out of service fan. Significantly lowers noise levels in the work area due to sound absorption characteristics of the Duct Balloon.

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