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FGD Outlet Duct Application Multi-Section Duct Balloons

SCR Outlet Duct

FGD Outlet Duct with Access Door

FGDs - Odor control during epoxy coating

Inflatable Bulkhead

Epoxy coating in FGD


FGD Outlet Duct

Inflatable Platform for Precipitator Hopper

Dust control through ID Fan Damper

We can design any type of custom shape. If you have a new application which is under 100 sq. ft. (9.2 sq. meters) in size that we have not made in the past, ask for details on our Prototype Program. Some of the designs you see here were made for testing and all were subsequently purchased!

PA Duct Balloon for CE 983 Pulveriser

HRSG Stack Balloon with vent hole

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Axial Flow Fan

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