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The blower is located away from the work area. The inflation tube can be furnished in any length required. If two blowers are required to meet redundancy requirements, a “Y type of inflation tube can be supplied as two blowers can be connected at the same time.

Specially designed inflatable Duct Balloons can be used as temporary platforms in confined spaces. Company safety rules may dictate that any employee working in a confined space with converging walls must be able to exit the duct work without assistance, otherwise a confined space rescue team may need to be present when someone is working in this type of environment. We now offer specially designed Duct Balloons that can be used as an inflatable platform. A redundant blower connected to an independent power supply can also be supplied if necessary to meet additional plant safety requirements.

It measures 6’ (1.82m) x 6’ (1.82m) x 5’ (1.52m) high and is supplied with 25’ (7.62m) of 8” (203mm) diameter flex duct and one 120V-2 HP blower. The blower must remain on at all times to keep the platform inflated.

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A plant visit may be required by us to confirm dimensions prior to release for manufacturing

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This installation is inside the bottom of an ash hopper on a precipitator. The inflatable platform is designed to inflate so the top surface of the balloon is level with the bottom edge of the access door.

This inflatable platform easily passes through the existing 27” (685mm) x 21” (533mm) man way during installation and weighs less 25 lbs. (11.3kg) The total installation time takes minutes, not hours versus scaffolding. It will quickly deflate and can be easily removed from the duct work and kept in its storage bag.

The inflatable platform inflates in less than one minute and can support the weight of two people. For this application, it serves as a temporary platform so that pick boards can be installed at the desired elevation inside of the precipitator. Past practices required the installer to balance themselves on small grab bars inside the sloped walls of the hopper while installing these pick boards. The pick boards provide a more rigid platform so that maintenance can be safely performed on the electrical components.

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