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This is a 13’ (3.96m) diameter inflatable bulkhead showing a closed access door and 16” (406mm) vent hole with closure flap. The access door measures 72” (1.82m) high x 36” .9m) wide. Here it is installed in the service water line with the access door closed. The strings are attached to the deflation zippers that when pulled, will quickly deflate the balloon. Home | FAQ’s | GT/HRSG | SCR/FGD | Applications | Photo Gallery | Contact Us | Trade Show Here is another project in the United Kingdom that required two Inflatable Bulkheads. They measured 4.5m (14’9”) round x 1m (3’0”) thick and are installed in the GT exhaust duct at a combined cycle plant. The advantage with a man door in this inflatable bulkhead makes it easy to walk through while it is fully inflated. The door way is covered on both sides with fabric attached using industrial strength velcro. Copyright © 2018 by  G.R. Werth & Associates, Inc. - All rights reserved - Duct Balloon® is a registered trademark  of G.R. Werth & Associates, Inc.