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Set the Duct Balloon storage bag in the exhaust duct

Remove it from the storage bag and place as shown

Spread it out keeping the inflation tube in the center

Energize the blower - it will quickly start to take shape

Use the grab handles to guide it into position

Rope can be attached to the guide rings to secure it

This project uses two blowers for redundancy

Total installation time was less than 30 minutes

The project scope entailed inspection of a 7FA machine and ice blasting of the HRSG at a 2 x 1 combined cycle plant in central Texas. This Duct Balloon was approximately 18’0” (5.4m) in diameter x 5’0” (1.5m) deep and was installed in the GT exhaust duct. It functioned as a zero leakage barrier that isolated the space between the GT and the HRSG during CO2 blasting. This barrier was equipped with redundant blowers and reduced the outage window by allowing work to continue simultaneously on both areas of the plant saving days off the outage schedule.

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