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We have had numerous articles published in industry related trade magazines regarding the application of our Duct Balloon. You can view any of these articles by clicking on the web links below

Combined Cycle Journal - 3rd Quarter 2016

Stack Dampers, Stack Balloons

Combined Cycle Journal - 2Q/2016

Intermission Control - Reducing downtime risk to HRSG’s

VGB Power Tech Magazine - 2Q/2015

Advanced and state-of-the-art preservation of combined cycle plants

Combined Cycle Journal - 1Q/2010

Duct Balloons sustain proper temperature for turbine disks in cold weather

Combined Cycle Journal - 1Q 2010

Preservation program for equipment layup

at combined cycle plants

Combined Cycle Journal - 4Q/2009

Applications for Duct Balloons Multiply

Power Engineering - October 2008

Duct Balloons for use during FGD Maintenance

Power Magazine - November 2007

Using Balloons as Temporary Barriers

Power Engineering - October 2006

HRSG Inspections

Combined Cycle Journal - April 2006

2006 Best Practices Award for an  

 HRSG Stack Balloon

Power Magazine - August 2005

Duct Balloons Seal Dampers

Combined Cycle Journal - January 2005

Balloon Keeps HRSG Warm

Power Engineering - April 2004

Duct Balloons Reduce Maintenance Cost

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